For Buyers

We’ve all been there. That heavy, dreaded buyer’s remorse fueled by hindsight being 20/20. With me as your inspector, you can buy with confidence from a place of certainty, knowledge and excitement. Even more, I have 38 years of expertise in RV Service, Sales, Repair, Maintenance & Rebuilding. In a nutshell, I can advise you of all the tricks up a seller’s sleeve, where you can refute, how to get the best financing (it’s not the way you think), and if the seller has an extended service contract how you can leverage that to pay for repairs OR negotiate the cost of repairs into a lesser purchase price… and ultimately return the favor upon you in the buying process. 

Do I really need an inspection?

To answer this, let me first ask you, “How happy & certain do you want to be with your purchase?” Because if you don’t get an inspection, you are risking falling prey to countless headaches in your near future- EXPENSIVE ones too – leaving you drowning in a money pit. As your inspector, I will paint you a true picture of the ins and outs of your RV so you can confidently make a secure purchase.

The time to get an RV inspection is when you have found an RV you are interested in buying. Whether it’s brand new or pre-owned, do not let the seller or RV salesperson talk you out of this step. Here are some things an RV Salesperson may say to talk you out of it:

  1. “The unit may not still be available, and it could be sold in the time you are having it inspected.”
  2. “We can’t permit anyone onsite or have storage area access.”
  3. “The only way you can have an inspector come out is if you put down a non-refundable deposit.”
  4. “Inspectors are only allowed to come once you have actually purchased the RV.”
  5. “The unit has already been inspected and is good to go.”
  6. “We can inspect it for you.”

All of these are untrue and some are even against the law.

What will you check during the inspection?

During my thorough inspection, I will spend hours shaking down the RV from roof to tires to bolts, wire and everything in between. Let’s break it down further:

  • Exterior
    • Sidewalls for signs of damage & delamination
    • Roof for leaks or damage
    • Joints & seals
    • Slideout assemblies & RV windows
    • Wheel assemblies, frame, axles, leaf springs, ball joints, steering components and hangers on the underside
    • Leveling & stabilizing systems to make sure working correctly
    • Towing and hitching equipment
  • RV Systems
    • Electrical
    • Freshwater & Wastes
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Propane Systems
    • Safety devices
    • RV batteries
    • Inverters
    • Generator and oil, coolant and fuel
  • [For driveable RVs]
    • Engine components including engine fluid, hoses, belts, batteries and filters
  • Interior
    • Appliances
    • Entertainment electronics
    • Furniture

Inspection add-ons (and yes, they are worth it!)

  1. Digital Mold Inspection 2-3 business days
  2. Transmission Fluid Analysis 2-3 business days
  3. Generator Oil Analysis 2-3 business days
  4. Engine Coolant Analysis 2-3 business days
  5. Generator Coolant Analysis 2-3 business days

You may be wondering, “Well, since I have the list of everything you are checking, why can’t I save the money and inspect things myself?” And it’s a great question. Here’s the answer: you don’t know what you don’t know. There’s a vast difference between knowing that something is wrong and WHY it’s wrong, how it came to be, how long left it has (if any), how to repair and most importantly what it will cost to repair. I provide you with a careful & close “eagle eye” examination + comprehensive assessment where I will critically analyze all the above-mentioned systems for you. Once complete, you will gain a full detailed multi-page report of items separated into “Good”, “Minor Issue” and “Major Issue”. Additionally, you will receive up to 150 free photos sent via a convenient DropBox link. Video request available. Please note: Based on what I find, you may consider ordering your own personalized Carfax report based on the VIN.

How much will an inspection cost?

During your complimentary Zoom call with me, I will provide a risk-free, zero-obligation quote to you and answer all your inspection-related questions. Inspection costs vary depending on the size of your RV and any RV Inspection Add-Ons chosen.

RV myths busted

  1. I only need an RV inspection if I am going to be a full-timing RVer. UNTRUE! Think of an RV inspection as a crucial doctor checkup that safeguards & educates you.
  2. Pre-owned RVs already have the “bugs” worked out so I should be fine. UNTRUE! Wear & tear on a used RV can be brutal. And most issues aren’t visible to the eye. Issues start underneath and can be silently brewing.
  3. New RVs don’t need to be inspected. UNTRUE! Each unit is hand-built and susceptible to human error. Plus all the transporting from manufacturer to dealership can “shake” things up-not in a good way.
  4. RV inspections aren’t necessary – the dealer will handle it. UNTRUE! The responsibility of the inspection lies on the buyer’s shoulders, not the seller’s.
  5. All RV inspectors are the same. UNTRUE! This is like saying all RVs are the same…there is so much you deserve in an inspector beyond just a certification. You need someone with “inside out” expertise. If not, you’re only getting a puzzle with 40% of the pieces and trying to get a clear picture.

How to get started

Please call (239) 768-2410 or email rvinspections@comcast.net and if you’d like to have a complimentary Zoom video call, that will be promptly coordinated for you. On this call, you and I will virtually meet face to face to answer all your inspection-related questions and obtain a free quote for your Pre-Purchase RV Inspection.